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High quality is our strength

Brødr. Haukås Mek. Verksted AS was founded in 1966, and we are now a medium sized company of 25 employees, with solid competencies in machining: Lathing, milling, welding and assembling.

As 2011 we became owners of Møllerodden. And you can find more information about this at Møllerodden.no

In 2012 we founded Møllerodden Certification AS, owned by Brødr. Haukås Mek. Verksted AS and engineer Jon Kristian Simonsen. Simonsen holds the certifications (A1, S1-G1-20) and the organization carry the certifications (S1:BX, RX, SX, TBX, PX, HX, KX, BHX).

This affirms that Møllerodden Certification AS is able to perform all types of certifications of lifting gear both onshore and offshore. We carry certified equipment for load testing of cranes, winches, wires and blocks.

Please have a look around our site. Make an assessment of products we have delivered, and get an overview over our machinepark.

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